Firm Overview


DooHo IP Law Firm is a specialized Intellectual property law firm located in Seoul, Korea. DooHo focuses exclusively on protecting the innovations of leading companies worldwide.

Highly Qualified IP Professionals

DooHo is made up of highly experienced patent attorneys and professionals in the practice of intellectual property, including patent prosecution, trial and litigation in various technical fields for domestic and foreign clients, at some of the largest and best patent law firms in the country.

Client First, Always

DooHo represents a wide variety of domestic and international clients, including major corporations, startups, non-profit organizations and universities. Especially, we have developed friendships and acquaintances with professors and researchers in universities, institutes and venture companies. We are trying to offer high-quality patent preparation and prosecution services through face-to-face disclosure meetings between attorneys and inventors.

Global Partnership

DOOHO maintains long-standing relationships with law firms in all major industrialized nations and assists our clients in obtaining foreign patents, trademarks, copyrights and multinational licenses.

“Our goal is to assist our clients in obtaining the maximum benefit from their intellectual property.”